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Weaning gently - English version

Weaning gently - English version

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As part of my work, I have carried out well over 300 weaning consultations and sometimes accompanied families through the entire process. All of my experiences and the insights I gained from them are incorporated into this eBook, which is now in its 4th edition.


In addition, I cite current literature and research results in the eBook. So you not only receive a guide, but also up-to-date specialist knowledge.


Not only do we cover the “how” questions, but this eBook or workbook will also help you decide when might be a good time and whether you are ready to take this step.

In addition to the theoretical basics and possibilities, the eBook also consists of worksheets, checklists and food for thought that are intended to help you find your individual path. You can print out individual pages of the eBook or write the questions down on paper.


It may be that you are already completely clear that you want to wean soon, breastfeed less or breastfeed for a shorter period of time. Maybe you're at the point where breastfeeding no longer feels good for you at times, you're exhausted, constant nighttime sucking is draining you, or you say for a variety of reasons: We need to change something about our breastfeeding relationship.

But it may also be that you are not quite sure what actually needs to be changed or where your thoughts about weaning come from.

This eBook is suitable for both situations.


If you've already done a little searching for literature or other help with weaning, you've probably noticed that weaning is hardly discussed in the specialist literature. The start of breastfeeding, the solution to various breastfeeding problems and even the preparation for breastfeeding during pregnancy are covered in detail - however, the end of the breastfeeding relationship is still a relatively unexplored area.

This is surprising - every breastfeeding mother comes to the point at some point where she asks herself how the breastfeeding relationship can come to an appropriate end.


The eBook is in PDF form and is technically and copyright protected against distribution. It can be read on both PC and cell phone.


! Please save the eBook on your device immediately after purchase. The download link is only valid for 30 days. After downloading, you will have permanent access to the eBook.


All rights reserved, Copyright: Franziska-Beatrice Fiedler 

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